Search types
The database may be searched by:

  • Surname (standard and/or given)
  • Address (of student and/or father)
  • Occupation (of student and/or father)
  • Date (of admission)
  • Statistical enquiry
  • Subject (notes field only)

    To select search type click on the relevant:

  • icon on the left side of the home page OR
  • search term at the bottom of the home page

    Drop-down lists of search terms are available for:

  • college and university names
  • occupations

    Covering dates

  • Each search requires a specified date period (i.e. from year A to year B)
  • Unless altered, the date limits revert to their defaults (i.e. the full date coverage of the current database)
  • The search may be further limited by date once the initial search results have appeared on screen

    Search results
    An initial search will produce a record of the number of successful hits and instructions to:

  • list the results OR
  • search again with more limited date coverage

    The list of results includes:

  • name
  • date
  • relevant additional information

    To obtain full details of an entry, you will be instructed to click on the relevant name, which will produce a page containing all the data recorded about that person in the database. The entry may be viewed without charge and printed out.

    The results will be listed in:

  • alphabetical order of surname OR
  • chronological order by date of admission. You may change from one to the other by clicking on the relevant text...

    Archive Enquiries: Please address all database enquiries to the archivist.